Scanspeak revelator midrange

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Scanspeak revelator midrange

Single hi-pass cap. MTM with two P17 in parallel. Single high pass cap, nice clean design. No box parameters specified. No box alignment specified. Very clean 2-way with low parts count, single hi-pass cap and minimal tweeter padding. Notes: Crossover points about Hz and 3. Two high pass and one midrange cap. Woofer in reverse polarity relative to midrange and tweeter.

Notes: Crossover point about 1. Output in the dB range. Two large hi-pass caps and fair amount of tweeter padding. Additional Notes: Crossover point about 2. Very clean design with low parts count and single hi-pass cap. Some padding in hi-pass circuit. Crossover points about Hz and 3kHz. High parts count on crossover. Woofer in inverse polarity relative to tweeter and midrange. Additional Notes: Two hi-pass caps. Significant padding in hi-pass circuit.

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Solen PL 14awg designated for lo-pass inductor. Additional Notes: Low parts count but two large value hi-pass caps. Almost no padding in hi-pass circuit. Additional Notes: Clean design with low parts count and single hi-pass cap. Minimal padding in hi-pass circuit. Low parts count and single hi-pass cap. Additional Notes: Crossover points about Hz and 2. Two large value hi-pass caps and high value midrange cap.

Note the woofer is in reverse polarity relative to the mid and tweeter. Two large value hi-pass caps. Two hi-pass caps. Two large value high-pass caps. Extremely clean design with low seven! Some extra padding on tweeter. Woofer: 2. Older posts.Revelation Two — Monitor MkII is a small sized 2-way stand-mount loudspeaker for small to medium sized listening rooms.

It offers several tuning options like two different bass-reflex tunings as well as tweeter tuning options. It has a nice low extension and a very nice mid-range reproduction.

This is a very low distorting tweeter and it has an extended frequency response in both ends.

5-6 inch Bass / Midrange Speakers

This tweeter is perfect for designs requiring a low cross-over point or as in this design a low-order cross-over with shallow cross-over slopes. Sonically the tweeter matches the Revelator mid-woofer beautifully and it has a neutral effortless sound characteristic and with great high frequency extension, but without ever sounding exaggerated or harsh.

The enclosure walls are made of 18mm MDF as well as a 15mm brace from the bottom to the top. Cabinet drawing: Dayton 11 liters Curved Cabinet The internal cabinet walls are taped with strings of bitumen pads to reduce resonances.

The enclosure is lightly filled with sheep wool. There are three different box tuning options in order to satisfy personal bass preferences and room setups. The closed box version has a surprisingly good bass performance when room gain is included.

Option 2 goes remarkable low and sounds almost like a much bigger floor-stander. Option 1 used in this design has more mid-bass at the cost of low end extension compared to option 2. Any of these box tuning options can be used without compromising the design as long as the baffle width and driver unit lay-out is the same.

The most common way to address the driver units relative acoustic center off-set is to use asymmetrical cross-over slopes, but in this design I use an electrical way to time delay the tweeter to adjust the acoustical center off-set. The effect of the response shaping circuits can be seen in this picture. The value of R3 can be changed to adjust the tweeter level to personal preferences. The reverse polarity simulation shows a very deep reverse null indicating an excellent phase tracking between the two driver units at the cross-over point.

If nothing else is noted in the comments, the following frequency measurements of the finished loudspeaker are made at a 2m distance at tweeter height. Left: Tweeter-axis 2m, 0, 15 and Right: Tweeter-axis 2m, 30, 45 and 60deg off-axis. The distortion measurements are done in near-field and the amplifier output level was adjusted for each driver so that the fundamental is 85dB, 90dB and 95dB at 1m.

This setting simulates normal, medium and high listening levels. Somewhat elevated second-order harmonics compared to the very low odd-order harmonics. This is a low distortion loudspeaker, even at higher listening levels. When using the ScanSpeak 15W Revelator mid-woofer in the smaller sized 11 liter enclosure you get a faster mid-bass articulation compared to the larger 14 liter option, which in turns digs a bit deeper at the cost of speed.

To choose enclosure size is more a matter of personal taste and sound preferences.

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They are both very good options. The tweeter is well extended and neutral in its character. It never sounds harsh, exaggerated or tries to draw your attention from the music. The tweeter works in perfect harmony with the sound character of the mid-woofer and they are a perfect match to each other.Forums New posts Search forums.

scanspeak revelator midrange

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Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Docks Start date Oct 23, Docks Audioholic. Posted this on diyAudio just curious what you guys think too: I'm considering a pair of bookshelves to pair with my LMS subs. I'm also open to a 3way as well to pair with the existing subs. I've never heard the other midranges and honestly have never heard the scanspeaker midranges, however I have the Revelator in the woofer version and the thing is awesome.

Absolutely love it, especially ML-TL.It features a slit-paper non-resonant cone and dust cap structure, dynamic linear suspension, SD-1 magnet system, "Grasshopper" cast chassis with maximized air flow, glass fiber voice coil former and resonance terminating mounting system. As you can see from the response curve, this speaker has a lot of energy in the upper frequency range.

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Goldwood GM 5. Accuton Cell C 5" Ceramic Midrange. Social Facebook Yelp! Loudspeaker Forum. Looking for fast easy answers or need help accessing our website? Call All listings Auction But it now. All Used New. Sort: Newly listed Lowest price Highest price Ending soon. ATS4 speakers. Scan Speak and AT Skaaning drivers. Awesome speaker. Scan Speak D Tweeters One pair, 2x. Scanspeak Alnico Tweeter D - pair. Freight price see description.

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Authorized Tetra Dealer. Scanspeak Revelator 23WT 9" high end subwoofer driver. Peerless XLS 10 Dahlquist speaker 20i Scan-Speak dome tweeter D Denmark hard to find. Scan Speak 4. O scanspeak More information about: Scanspeak. Good Scanspeak deals can be hard to find. With our useful search engine, you have the ability to filter through a huge selection of sizes and colours to find the perfect Scanspeak bargains.

Scanspeak 12M/4631G00 Mid Range - Revelator Range

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With a search engine that quickly locates just what you are looking for, Shopyshake is the only shopping website you will need. Try it today. Shopping online for Scanspeak?Scan Speak 4. The Revelator 12MG00 midrange is well known for its sliced paper cone technology. The slices are filled with damping glue, which dramatically reduces break-up modes in the diaphragm. In combination with Scan-Speaks low-loss linear suspension it represented a breakthrough in midrange clarity and overall smooth frequency response characteristics.

A neodymium magnet has been chosen to reduce the depth, yet increase the magnetic energy. Handling time: Depending on ordering time, handling time will take working days. Usually we order items on Wednesday and ship them out on next Tuesday or Wednesday. Delivery time: Depends on shipping carrier. Usually working days. There is an option for faster shipping.

scanspeak revelator midrange

Audiostatus audiostatus Shipping Handling time: Depending on ordering time, handling time will take working days. Usually we order items on Wednesday and ship them out on next Tuesday or Wednesday We do not stock items. Payment We accept the following payment methods: Paypal Please contact us if you have any questions.

Scanspeak Midrange

Condition - New straight from the factory.Ekta If it must be small and not cost a fortune, this speaker does it. More bass, more power handling, more of everything.

Setting up the Ekta I experienced a vivid and dynamic presentation, yet delicate and smooth in upper-mid and treble. I'm more than pleased! Ekta 2D. An unique opportunity to compare crossover topology - and not as clearcut as you may think! The Hypex program comes on a memory stick with the kit. Click image to go to Ekta 2D website. Making an mkII version of the popular Studio has been on my to-do list for a long time.

The Studio has sold steadily over the years and here's an updated version with an updated 18W woofer, better tweeter and optimised crossover. There are classic drivers that don't change much over the years. Overall the edge coating suggests some experience from the 18WE driver is carried over to this driver.

All very welcome. Link here. Careful selection of drivers allow simplest possible crossover. As for the Ellipticor-3, not having a high-pass filter on the midrange pays off. It can't - and it shouldn't. We have a significant smaller cabinet and we have saved 2. Yet, the ATELL-3 has qualities that made me go through record after record to hear yet another way of telling me what I may have overlooked before.

Any new speaker will do things differently and hopefully give you new insight into your record collection. The ATELL, like the Ell-3, has a naturalness to the overall presentation, a transparency only limited by the source material and for the size, surprisingly dynamic. On top of this, deep dynamic bass from the 10C77 sandwich cone driver.

I don't know of any 10" bass driver that comes even close to the 10C Not cheap, but I can't find alternatives unless we go to 12" bass drivers, but then we need a bigger sized cabinet and here the objective was to make the best of a smaller cabinet with higher WAF. And BTW, my wife loves it! And due to inherent smooth response, we only have a single coil to each of these two drivers, creating target roll-off. I've never before had drivers that could do this. We are dealing with 1st order filters.

He didn't know what he was listening to and he immediately picked the simplest crossover, which was my own favourite too - which he obviously didn't know in advance. Ear-friendly is a dubious term. It may be taken for being forgiving on troublesome recordings.

Scanspeak ilumantor revalator

The Ell-4 is anything but forgiving, but I can't help thinking ear-friendly. The mid-tweeter integration works particularly well here, and not just because we have a perfect LR2 profile far beyond point of crossover, but - I think - these two drivers just make a remarkable couple.

scanspeak revelator midrange

We can have "the best" of midranges and tweeters in the world, but to make a coherent sound, each supplementing the other in the best possible way, is up to trial'n error. Sometimes we can have excellent sound from low-cost drivers due to good compatibility and good crossover design.

We can't tell from specs - and we can't even tell from experience. Should you think Be domes is the final answer to good treble, try D The D delivers the resolution of good compression drivers when it comes to e.


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